25 January 2011

The "land of the large" at its best

Just in case you had forgotten how good America is at being a parody of itself, the Wednesday movie is here to remind you

Firstly with the Sarah Palin battle hymn - no its not a joke, it has transended crap so much that it has become art!

Then at a time when Jared Loughner, a total pyscho from Arizona does what saviour Sarah instructed him to do and pulls a gun and kills 6 people in a mall including a young girl, sales of the same gun rocket by 60% and the idiots from the NRA are recording total crap like this. And there is literally thousands more videos like it - you couldn't make it up!

Meanwhile a TV show about teenagers humping, drinking and smoking pot is described as "the most dangerous program ever!" slightly missing the point that nobody ever died from watching TV, but approximatly 9000 of them get killed by guns every year in the US.

As Gareth said "ban a TV show but don't dare suggest that we ban guns"


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