26 July 2010

Summer is here (at last)

After a fairly shitte start to the summer (the wettest July on record), things suddenly got better on Thursday when the sun came out. So since then I have:

1. Been to see Muse, supported by the White Lies. I had heard very good things about Muse live and was really looking forward to it. In the end it was OK, the rest of the crowd were going mental so maybe it was just me. It was good but probably not quite what I was expecting. The White Lies were excellent again. Went drinking afterwards and ran into all sorts of folk in town which made me realise it's a long time since I properly went out. A good night.

First of all a bit of White Lies

And then some Muse, the crowd are loving it!

2. Saturday, I pottered about and continued the ongoing saga of my patio building. Great to just hang out at the lair with nothing to do.

3. Saturday evening I went to visit some friends who live in the "highest house in Bergen" right up on the hillside 160 steps from the highest point that you can drive. Very pleasent evening with a barbi whilst watching the sunset set across the city and Askøy. There are few places in the World that are better than Bergen when the weather is like this.

Sunset dinner on the side of Sandviks Fjell above Bergen with Askøy in the distance

Andreas and Stefi on the balcony

4. Sunday I went for a kayak trip with Sandy. We were out for about 4 hours from Glasvær in the south of Sotra. Perfect paddling conditions to tour in and out of all the little islands. Reasonable swell in the open ocean which was just big enough to be fun. A very nice afteroon out.

Sandy Paddling near Glesvær
Yes summer in western Norway is great, shame its so short.

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