07 July 2010

Highest Point in Norway

I always figured it is rude to live in a country and not climb it's highest mountain. So last weekend was my birthday and we headed up the the Jotenheim with the goal of walking up Galdhøpiggen which at 2469 m is not only the highest point in Norway but the whole of northern Europe - woooo!

Katharine arrived late-ish Friday evening and we drove part way and camped. Then drove the rest of the way to Spiterstulen and met Sandy and Helen. Set up the tent and went for a walk up the valley in some very spectacular scenery before cooking some dinner. Next day the weather was fine so we set off to climb the mountain. It's not at all technical but it's a fairly long hike with about 1400 m of ascent. The last half is across snow fields. Note to self - don't wear light-weight walking boots in the snow!

Great views from the top and well worth the trudge. There is something special abut being on the highest point that you can see and especially when that is somewhere as impressive as the Jotenheim. The summit cafe is a little off putting, but at least there is no train ferrying fat people to the top like on Snowdon and it was nice to get out of the wind. Slogged down, cooked food and then it started to rain! All in all - pretty lucky with the weather. Drove back the next day - Norway is a freakin big country, driving anywhere takes ages!

Definitly worth the trip. The mountain can also be climbed from the other side which involves a glacier crossing, which sounds exciting but the reality is hundreds of tourists paying guides lots of money to rope them into big long chains. It looked horrible. I would highly suggest the longer, less crowded route from Spiterstulen.

Photos to follow

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