27 January 2010

Wednesday Movie - Talant with a camera

A while ago I worked on a TV series about geology. Making the series was a really interesting experience because not only did I learn a lot about how TV shows are made but I also got to know some really nice people that I probably would not have ordinarily meet. These are the cameramen, the producers and the researchers who are not normally associated with geology and you have a refreshingly different view of the World. Sometimes its good to step outside your comfort zone.

I have a huge respect, which verges on envy, for people who can create something that has a strong visual impact, either art or film. I can take photos, I can shoot video, I understand the mechanics of it all but I still lack that natural ability to produce something really stunning.

The weeks Wednesday movies were filmed by a guy called Will Pugh. Will is a cameraman and all around good guy. I just love the imagery in both of these.


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