15 January 2010

Friday Joke - Bergen Kommune bans cars

This week the joke is the cretinously stupid, sanctimonious, self righteous bastards that “run” Bergen Kommune (town council). Whilst being a huge joke, these idiots are unfortunately real.

Their latest strike in "the war against the car" is to sight poor air quality in town, due to the cold weather, as a reason to ban cars with odd numbers on their license plate from entering the city on even days and vice verse.

There are a number of points here which should be made:
1. The air quality is not bad at all. I am sitting in an office looking across town and I see no brown haze, the sky is blue. I have seen plenty of places were air quality genuinly is bad e.g. the Salt Lake valley when you can’t see the city from the mountains. The air in Bergen at the moment is ok, this is a cheap pathetic excuse to impose their long term will upon the people.

2. While the rest of Europe struggles to get people back to work, for the good of their sanity and the good of the ailing economies - these spoilt, over privileged tossers are actually stopping people going to work

There is a total lack of joined up thinking here – while its easy to ban 50% of the cars from the town they ignore the fact that it's actually a through route. Also what about people like myself who arrive back at the airport on the wrong day. Do I leave my car there, take a taxi to town then another taxi back to collect the car. How is that helping things? There are an infinite number of situations in which this is just stupid and unworkable

These people probably live in the large, expensive house over the town and have the luxury of being able to walk down to the city centre. When you have that privileged life style its easy to be self righteous and look down on the people who live out of town and have to commute to work. Maybe we don’t want to spend half an hour waiting at a bus stop in -15°C for the privilege of standing for a further 25 minutes crammed in like a pig on its way to slaughter, while all around you, your fellow victims coughing and sneeze in an attempt to give you swine flu.

I am totally in favour of communal living and social responsibility, but I draw the line when it is opportunistically imposed as part of a broader ideological agenda and clearly not based on what is practical and useful for the community.


Macarena Henriksdatter said...

I was thinking about it also! I lived in Santiago, where is 8 million people living, and we have a system like that, where cars that end in, for example, 1 and 5 can't drive on monday, 2 and 6 can't drive on tuesday and 3 and 7 can't drive on wednesday and so on, and it does help with the polution, but... hallo! there is 8 million living there! in Bergen is not more than 280.000! I don't know... when i moved to Bergen I felt that I needed some polution, hahaha the air was so fresh! I am living in Houston now, so it feels almost like home, here is also a lot of polution. Norwegians (eller bergenserer) don't know what bad air really is. Like you said, the sky there is blue, in Santiago I couldn't see the city, just a dark cloud... and like you said, what about the people that works in Bergen but lives in Åsane, Askøy, Sotra etc?

The buses hasn't improve, have they?

have a nice weekend, Macarena

Ps! I have one of those "baby on board sign" hahaha I laugh so much when I read your post, because that's exactly what I was thinking when I bought it hehehe

John said...

Hi Macarena,
Good to hear from you and good to hear its not just me that thinks Bergen Kommune is crazy...

What the hell are you doing in Houston???


M. said...

hehehe you are not the only one, believe me.

My husband is working here, at same norwegian company. We came here like 4 months ago and don't know how long we are gonna be here, so we are just enjoying warm and crazy Texas hehehe while reading what is going on in Bergen :P