19 January 2010

Friends on Powder Day...

There is a common saying "there is no such thing as friends on powder day".

The logic behind this is that the fresh untracked snow doesn't occur very often and when it does it doesn't last very long. In this case its everyman for himself, no waiting for slow people, just get out and get as much as you can...

Whilst I understand this, I think its bullshit. Days in the mountains are all about being with friends and enjoying the best of it together.

So I was very happy to be in Hemsedal this weekend with some great friends, tracking out some great fresh snow. The long period of high pressure that brought the very cold dry days has finally shifted and fresh snow was falling when we drove up Friday night.

Saturday was still cold but with enough fresh snow to cover the icy bits. It snowed through Saturday and into Sunday while we hit the off piste, starting in the bowls and then into the forests. Two awesome days including three runs in the Gumiskogen off the back of the resort which requires a taxi back to the ski centre (30 nok each and they wait at the bottom).

Rather than "no friends" I prefer to spend my powder days with "the right friends".

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