30 October 2009

Poor old Tony Blair...

Gutted to hear that the ego that is Tony Blair might not get to be European President - shame.

When labour came to power in 1997 we thought it was a new beginning and to a certain extent it was. After years of Thatchers poisonous legacy anything must be better, surely?

But then along came the spin and the sleaze, the pandering to the neo-con nightmare that was running the US, the illegal wars which were clearly against the will of the people and all the associated lies and deceit. All this was coupled with the continued destruction of Britains manufacturing base, started by Thatcher and finalised by new labour.

And to cap it all off, just to prove he really is just another dumb religious zealot, like his mates George B and Ian Paisley, the smarmy master of spin made a huge song and dance about converting to Catholicism as soon as he left office. Yes Tony you really are a cretin.

The great irony about his failed bid to be the first boss of Europe is that he has been betrayed on both sides. The centre right of Merkel and Sarkozy have dropped him because he is supposed to be a socialist and the centre left of Spain etc have hung him out to dry because he pandered to Bush and led Europe into a futile and pointless war.

When you dance with the devil you wait for the song to stop...

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