16 October 2009

My Kind of Yoga!

Another horribly busy week. Dinner at the Potato Celler on Friday, which was excellent, then flew to Pau on Saturday. Sunday went to Biaritz for the day and then a dinner meeting in the eve. Monday meeting at Total, flew back Monday evening, loads of shitte to deal with at work. All day meeting in Stavanger on Thursday and then Dougal came to visit with offspring and bottles of wine Thursday evening. Now it's Friday again and I feel like crap...

Maybe I need to do some Yoga to relax, as demonstrated by these experts.

Have a good weekend

Savanana - Position of total relaxation

Malasana - This position for ankles and back muscles

Ananda Balasana - Position for hips

Salambhasana - This position to stimulate the lumbar area, legs and arms

Dolphin - Excellent for shoulder, thorax, legs and arms

Halasana - This position for back

Marjayasana - This position stimulates the midrift and the spine

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - This position for the brian and legs

Balasana - This position brings a senstation of peace and calm

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