08 September 2009

Quick update

I have been super busy recently, mainly with work so I haven't had much time to lay much compost down in the blog. Weather-wise it's been a truly shit summer in Norway. There was only 6 days in the whole of August when it didn't rain! As I sit and write this the evil lair is once again trashed by a another huge storm and the fat cat is refusing to leave the house.

www.yr.no is a great Norwegian weather site, it has pretty good forecasts and some really neat animations of both the radar and satellite data. When the weather is shit you can at least see what is giving you a hammering.

It also has stats, lots of them - I love stats. Here is their summary for the last year.

From this you can see that almost every month has been wetter than average, except June, when the summer was young and had so much promise! On the plus side I am glad I was away for May and you can see the really cold spell in Feb. when we did lots of ice climbing. Lets hope that comes again.

Anyway so in all this shit weather we have
1. Been to see Cold Play - which was much better than I expected. Always thought they were ok but a bit dull, live they were excellent. It's a long time since I saw a singer work that hard to entertain a crowd.

2. Been out climbing twice, got rained off my secret crag after doing 1.5 routes.

3. Built a wall in my garden

4. Been to Houston twice - Texas is having record temperatures, which are keeping the hurricanes at bay, which in turn is why we are getting lots of shit weather. It's always good to blame the Texans

5. Been to Wales for Val and Eric's wedding. A fine weekend, great atmosphere, really nice to catch up with everyone

6. Party at Rolf's place with much wine and cake

And a hefty dose of lots of work in both jobs and that about sums it up...

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