29 August 2009

Petter Solberg's Noglish

Petter Solberg was one of the World's top Rally drivers and in 2003 was the first Norwegian to win the World Rally Championship. How a Norwegian ever learns to drive that fast in a country which has some of the World's most draconian speed limits and enforcement is a mystery. Perhaps there are less police on the roads in the eastern part of Norway, anyway a digression from the purpose of the post.

While the rest of the World knows Solberg for his driving, he is almost as famous in Norway for his very poor english, especially when he is excited. He has a tendency to mix up Norwegian and English (Noglish)and come out with some class phrases - here are a few class examples that have been in TV interviews sent to me by Trygve.

(Note that "fart" is the Norwegian word for "speed"

"I had a very big fart, and suddenly I fucked off the road"
"I had a stop in the start"
"I`m driving round the corner, and crash in the christmas tree."
"I had bad pigs in my dekk" (winter tires with studs are called pegg dekker)
"It was a moose in the engine"
"but but, it is't only only you know"
"It wåss so møch dog on the window"
"It's not only only, but but "
"it was werry werry funny"
"he is my wife in the car ehh....no sex"
"i drived and then it was a sving and a sving til så a stein and pang i drived rett in the juletre"
"When i keim around the corner, it all went to Hælvette" (Hælvette is the universal Norwegian swear word, soemwhere between "fuckin hell and shit")
"The car understyrt ænd i was going strait fram"
"I came with a great fart and dishappered as a prikk in the sky''
"i just take full fart and Drive "
"The rat is loose"

And my favorite
"It's not the fart that kills you, it's the smell" (smell being a Norwegian word for impact or crash)


Anonymous said...

Hælvette is not a norwegian word for shit, it actually translates to hell.

John said...

yes but is used in the same context as an English speaker would say "shit". At least that is how it was explained to me

aleks said...

Hælvette (actually it's helvette) is hell in Norwegian. But it's used as 'fuck', 'shit'.

Anonymous said...

Spud tires is piggdekk not pegg dekker, but good try, a lot of good statements here :)