07 August 2009

Friday joke - the weather

The weather is crap - I expect it to be be crap in November but this is supposed to be summer! The following is a screengrab of the long term forecast from the fairly reliable http://www.yr.no/. The outlook is rain at the weekend with some more rain on Monday and Tuesday, becoming rainy towards the end of the week.

My Norwegian friends will not doubt be wandering around chanting "no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing" and perhaps they are right.

So some weather related jokes

Politically correct
The Royal Commission for Political Correctness, has announced today that the local climate in the UK should no longer be referred to as "English Weather."

Rather than offend a growing portion of the population, it will now be referred to as "Muslim Weather."

In other words - partly Sunni, but mostly Shi'ite.

The golfer
Every Saturday morning an avid golfer gets up early to catch his morning tee time and spend the better part of his day playing golf.

One Saturday morning, as is his schedule, he gets up early, eats a quick breakfast and heads out to the course. The weather is terrible; there’s a torrential downpour with snow mixing in and a 50 mph wind.

Defeated, he packs it in early and decides to return home, deciding he can go back out later if the weather improves. He comes back into the house and turns on the TV to the weather channel, which informs him it’s only going to get worse. He puts his clubs back into the closet, quietly undresses, then slips back into bed with his wife. “The weather out there is terrible,” he whispers.

“Yeah,” she replies, “can you believe my stupid husband is out playing golf?”

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