11 September 2009

Friday Joke - Parking Nazis

This weeks Friday joke is dedicated to bashing the traffic warden, primarily because they gave me a ticket last night...

I make no apology for picking such any easy target, I can't begin to imagine what personality defects would bring a person to chose such a mind numbingly tedious and hateful career. Maybe it's the neo-nazi uniform, maybe it's the power trip, maybe it's the pleasure you derive from inflicting misery on people or maybe its simply the fact that you were too stupid to get any other job. Whatever the reason, if you actually woke up one morning and decided "I want to be a traffic warden" then you are scum.

I recognise that there is a need for some enforcement, I know that without some sort of rules all the selfish tossers that drive BMWs would just stop when and wherever they wanted. But when you wander the virtually empty streets at 9.30pm looking for victims or dish out tickets at 8.05am to people without residents permits then you probably need to ask yourself where your life is headed.

And the jokes

Why do Traffic Wardens have a yellow line round their hat?
So people don't park on their heads.

As the coffin was being lowered into the ground at a traffic warden's funeral, a voice screamed from inside, "I'm not dead! I'm not dead!"To which the vicar shouted back, "Sorry, the paperwork has already been done!"

I was parking my car up yesterday when a rather angry traffic warden banged on the window and shouted, "You can't park your car there!"
I said, "I can, the sign says 'Fine for Parking'!"

And some movies I found....

And while I was looking for material to put here I found this rather good short movie from NZ that made me feel just a tad guilty about what I wrote above....

Then I thought about the 500 nok fine and remembered that they are still scumbags...

Have a good weekend

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