27 September 2009

Another Quck Update

Still jetting around like an idiot, but the last week or seem have been increasingly alcohol soaked, primarily because I have been mixing weddings with catching up with old friends and in both incidences there is a tendency to drink too much...

Last weekend was ├ůsmunds wedding, a very nice humanist service in a theatre followed by food, beer and speeches in the old Hansa Brewer. A great day.

Monday night flew to the UK for Riks wedding on the solstice at Mytholme. Another great humanist wedding with a service devised by the couple followed by a large drinking session in collasal set of wigwams. Really great atmosphere, eventually made it to bed at 4am.

Next day it was down to London for various meetings and some beers in Soho with Gregor. Thursday night headed up to Liverpool and had a huge night with Flint and Dave - great to catch up with them and nice to be out in the Pool.

Friday night drove to the peak but couldn't find Chris' house and ended up staying with Mike. Long story. Eventually got Chris' number and spent Saturday mixing concrete and driving a tractor - that took me back a few years. Realised it was 26 years since we left the farm. That's more than half a life time.

Then back to Macc via the Peak and one quick gritstone VS crack that destroyed my hands. The clue was in the name - "the file"

Night out in Macc with a curry and then a night club full of menacing looking guys with shaven heads and fat girls in too-tight clothing and very high heels. Oh the joys of England...

Now heading back to Bergen for a few days before Spain...

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