04 December 2008

A further 20 tell tale signs

Yet another 20 tell tale signs that you have been in Norway too long...

  1. You enjoy paying your taxes because you believe it gives you a better standard of living.
  2. You own at least one knitted jumper with a reindeer pattern and buttons.
  3. Your lunch is an open sandwich wrapped in grease proof paper.
  4. An outside temperature of 9 degrees Celsius ( 45F ) is mild in mid June.
  5. Your favorite take-away food is a hot dog.
  6. You know at least five different words for describing different kinds of snow.
  7. You drink 30 cups of coffee per day.
  8. It does not bother you that 60% of the population works for the government or local kommune and does nothing of any value.
  9. You know that there are hooks for your rain coat underneath the bar.
  10. You believe that having no choice of products in a supermarket makes it easier to shop.
  11. You leave work at 3pm.
  12. A stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that: a) he is drunk b) insane c) American d) all of the above.
  13. You understand why people laugh at Danes.
  14. You understand umbrellas are a communial resource that nobody owns so when you leave the pub you take the first one from the pile.
  15. It seems nice to spend a week in a small wooden cottage up in the mountains, with no running water and no electricity.
  16. You know that "religious holiday" means "let's get pissed".
  17. You always ski off piste, even if it’s just between the runs at the ski resort.
  18. Your neighbours talk to you. (note this means you have been here at least 20 years).
  19. You use snuss.
  20. Du snakker norsk med dialekt.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's "Snus", not "Snuss"... Apart from that these are all good observations...