17 December 2008

BSRG 2008

Annual sedimentology conference in the UK. This year being held in my old stomping ground of Liverpool. The trip over on Saturday started with a fairly typically KLM fuck-up, when a lorry gritting the runway sprayed gravel into the engine of the plane! Class. The utter tossers in the reservation office then told me that the lost conection which was a direct result of the ensuing 3 hour delay would be my problem - long story. At least by the time I had got to Skipole they had changed their minds and booked me on the next Manchester flight... I got in at 10 pm, hooked up with Chris J and hit the town.

Great to be back in Liverpool on a saturday night, scary looking skin-headed guys trying to mate with even more scary looking fat women with very little clothing! I had actually forgotten how much of a buzz there is in the town on a weekend. It was great, but we didn't stay out too late, knowing it was going to be a long weekend.

Sunday morning quick field trip to the Dee Estuary which corresponded with the years highest tide at mid-day! Tide and time bend for no man! But at least we got out and had some fresh air, before the ice breaker which was down in the Tate at the Albert Dock.

Getting to the Tate involved walking through the new L1 district which has been opened in the last year. Amazing how they have transfered the city centre - its actually really impressive, even to cynical old me!

The conference was good. Nice to catch up with all the folk. Hosting in the Adelphi was fairly inspired, I have always wanted to stay there and it lived up to its reputation. Big night on Sunday and a big night on Monday with the conference dinner. Not sure where the blow up doll came from but she seemed to be getting a lot of attention on the dance floor when we left for town. Didn't see who she went home with though.

Gave a couple of talks and chaired a session on the Tuesday. Was really impressed with the quality of almost all the talks at the meeting. Few random wild cards but overall lots of good stuff being done.

Tuesday night went for a meal with Kav and a couple of other folk, then got up super early on Wednesday morning to get a ride to Manchester airport with a cabbie who launched into a tirad about women which seemed a bit harsh until he told me that his wife had just slept with a waiter while they had been on holiday in Turkey which resulted in her a) getting pregnant and having an abortion and b) getting a dose of clap that she passed on to him. She then left him and went to live in Turkey for 2 months with said waiter before coming back (not quite Shirley Valentine) and accusing him of their daughter - which was proven to be unfounded. He then capped it all off with a summary of his views on crime and punishment which were slightly to the right of General Pinochett , before droppping me off at the airport rather shell shocked! Great way to end a few days in the Pool.

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