19 December 2008

Panama and Costa Rica - first impressions

Arrived in Panama last night en-route to two weeks diving, surfing and volcano spotting in Costa Rica. Fairly predictably, my luggage didn't arrive, how I love KLM!

Stayed a night in Panama City before getting a morning flight to Costa Rica. Didn't get to see too much of Panama but the city looked amazing by night. A real eclectic mix of ultra modern skyscrappers, traditional old building with a few shanty towns thrown in. All pretty clean and organised. We stayed in a nice B&B run by a pleasant local couple and ate in a small local restaurnt. Then went to bed and slept that great sleep you only get with "travelling west jet lag" in which you go to bed dog tired at 10pm local time (4am body time) and then get to sleep for 8 full hours before getting up at 6am, fully refreshed and ready for a full day.

Then flew down to San Jose in Costa Rica, which was not as impressive as Panama City but still very pleasant. Staying tonight in a very nice B&B overlooking the city and surrounding volcanoes. Ended up in shopping mall this afternoon buying replacement socks, undies and board shorts. Shopping malls are the same the world over, could have been anywhere. The holiday proper starts tomorrow when we head down to Drake Bay for some diving and beach life.

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