13 December 2008

Busy Week

Seven days is a long time in politics and an even longer time at karmasotra...

Last friday Håvard had his PhD exam and passed with flying colours! When I first met him 5 years ago he was working a journilist and had strong political leanings! I pulled him back on to the "rocky road" but some of his latant political talants were not lost in the exam - he did an excellent job of speaking and also of evading the questions! It was rather like watching Paxman and Campbell sparring! After the exam he hosted a meal for family and friends. All very pleasent and very Norwegian, lots of speaches etc.

Got home at 1am then got up again at 6 to drive to Hemsedal for the "start the season ski weekend" Drove up wih Ian Lunt with Toby ze German in the back. Made good time and were on the slopes just after 10!

Had a great morning, ankle was playing up a bit in the afternoon so I stoppped early. The others got back and we hit the ever crazy "Cafe Hemsdale" which is one of the maddest places on the planet...Sounds like I am exagerating but no really it is feckin mad!

Another good day on sunday boarding the Sandy and Ian in the morning. Then headed back to Bergen. Both Ian Sharp and Mark picked up speeding tickets from the childish wankers that are the local Police in Norway, desperate to justify their inflated pay cheques in the absence of any real crime. Fortunatley mobile phones saved the rest of the group!

The week was super busy at work, been getting home late but the weather has been really cold and clear and we have managed some very nice evenings out in the hot-tub surrounded by a moonlite, frozen fjord.

Friday night was the Rocksource Julebord - once again a drunken affair but lots of fun. Great to see everyone unwinding after what has been a pretty hectic year.

Now sitting in SkiPole en-route to that unique drinking and science mess that is BSRG. And this year its in Liverpool - 11 years since I organised the last one there. Its going to be a lot of fun!

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