16 September 2008

Ten things I love about living in Norway...

Just in case anyone thinks that all I do is moan all the time, in no particular order...

1. Relaxed pace of life, fantastic work life balance
2. Wide open space and a sparse population. The scenery is absolutely stunning and there are not that many people cluttering it up.
3. Great opportunities for out door activities – climbing, kayaking, boarding, walking, etc.
4. There are very low crime rates
5. There is a good welfare state and everyone is taken care of irrespective of whether they are unfortunate or just lazy.
6. The people are genuinely open and have a complete lack of cynicism.
7. There is a total lack of “scallies” i.e. people who want to rip you off, fight with you, stab you, trash your stuff etc.
8. You can get by in English
9. There are very few poor people and very few super rich, everyone has a high standard of living
10.Norway is a lesson to the world on how a nation should deal with its oil wealth

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