01 September 2008

Classy blonde girls on tour - Ainsa fieldtrip 2008

Spain field trip going well. The weather is warm and the rocks are behaving themselves. The students however...
The trip has the usual possi of blonde girls that get the locals excited where ever we go. These particular group is especially classy - events to date
1. A girl gets so trashed that she climbs into a random car which the poor unfortunate owner had neglected to lock. She voms everywhere and then sleeps in it for the night, waking up at sunrise to stumble home and leave the owner with a pleasent suprise for his morning drive to work.
2. Girl wakes up with the keys to the town hall - where did they come from, nobody knows.
3. Another girl pronouces that she has had diaoreha and may be pregnant because her birth control pills "slipped straight through". The next day she annouces to the whole group that everything is ok because she got her period! Hurray!
4. Meanwhile the guys are locked out of the hotel at 2 am and are clambering up the outside trying windows and terrifing the owners 80 year old mother

Its only day 3! I think I need danger money!
Maybe I am just getting too old for all this?

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