27 September 2008

Crossing the road - Scandinavian style

Stunning video on the BBC website of two Swedish girls on the M6 in Britian who, despite the best efforts of the Police kept hurling themselves into the road and getting run over.

It all seems pretty baffling at first, esepecially to the viewers back in blighty. What on earth where they thinking?

However the explanation is already here, buried deep in the compost of karmasotra.

They are Scandinavian sacred cows and as such, they know that they have an absolute, cosmically derived, right to step in to the traffic and it will not harm them. Just like the pedestrians who jump onto the crossings in Bergen and Oslo, they know that are immune to moving traffic.

This is proven by the fact that despite one of them being hit by a truck and another being hit three times by cars, they are both now fine!

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