12 September 2008


Last night we watched a DVD called sharkwaters which is an awesome documentary addressing the threat poised to the global shark population by shark finning. 100 million sharks are killed every year so that stupid, shallow people can eat shark fin soup. In the last 50 years the global population of sharks has declined by 90% (yes ninety!)

Very few people seem to care because sharks are always portrayed as being evil and dangerous. The reality is that sharks kill about 5 people per year. Elephants, tigers and even coke machines kill over a 100 people per year... But everyone hates sharks.

Sharks have been around since the Ordovician (450 million years). They are the top predator in the ocean and as such control the entire ecosystem. The oceans in turn control the global levels of O2 and CO2, and therefore climate. We are a few bowls of soup away from trashing all that!

It's an amazing documentary, really well made, beautiful cinematography and very emotive.
Buy it, watch it and get informed.


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