09 December 2009

Wednesday Movie - HalveJula4

This weeks vid was the annual Christmas offering from JohnT and the other talented folk at Statoil Research Centre.

It addresses the piss-poor efforts of the 32000 people who worked on the statoilhydro re-branding exercise who have decided that a pink rose which looks rather like the logo on a tampon box is a suitable emblem for a major international oil company. The remaining employees (the ones that actually do something constructive) are less than impressed and there was genuine fear amongst offshore crews that they might be issued pink overalls.

The title "HalveJula4" comes from John and Co's previous efforts which started with this - a musical ode to them having to work the half day on Christmas eve (Halve Jula). I have not be able to track down the other two but the second was about the merger and the third dealt with the search for the new company name.

Anyway this one made the local press! Good effort, keep them coming guys.

1 comment:

John said...

HJ II: It was 'requested' that I take it down by the Calgary office, since it might offend someone in Canada.

HJ III: Was deemed not fit for public consumption, as it involved some seriously bad singing (and Trine channelling Cindi Lauper)

There's also a top secret video that involved the discussion of a new name. I can show it, but not distribute it...