19 December 2009

Oh no the SAS pilot is a bit tired and needs a rest!

Heading to the UK for BSRG and Christmas. We left the house at 4.45am having been up until 2, it was not a good start to the day. There was a fair bit of snow on the ground and the taxi driver talked incessantly about his Mercedes and how it didn't skid unless he wanted it to. It was all rather tedious.

At the airport we boarded the plane and waited for the runway to be cleared. And we waited and waited until they took us off the plane. By 9.30 they told us that although the runway was now clear the crew needed a mandatory rest. The co-pilot had obviously had a tough morning doing nothing and was tired - ah bless!

Safety first! I hear you cry, but amazingly the Luftwaffe and KLM crews, who had started at exactly the same time and endured the same delays were all able to fly, which can only mean that it must be an SAS thing.

And because a pilot is too tired to fly a plane after sitting on his arse drinking tea for three hours we have been stuck here for an entire day. A new plane has been brought from Copenhagen and, assuming we get away on time it will be a 12 hours delay. We will miss our connection in Copenhagen and have to stay the night. The total delay will be 24 hours.

But at least the co-pilot will have had his rest, so it's all ok.

You really couldn't make it up!

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