07 December 2009

United Airlines really is shit!

I recently saw a video by a guy who had his guitar broken by United Airlines - they were unsympathetic to his plight so he wrote a song, it went viral and they got to look like a bunch of cocks.

So I got up this morning, strolled into town to get some fresh air, had breakfast in small coffee shop and then headed to the airport. Traffic was pretty slow because of the weather (-15 and some snow), then it took Avis a bit of time to check the car back in because
a. the guy in front of me had smashed his up....
b. I had switched the dash read-out to metric (8 degrees F means very little to me) and the distance was then in km and the guy was freaked out that I seemed to have done 7000 miles in 3 days.

So I arrived at the check in 44 minutes before the flight, by my normal standards this is a life time. I went to check in and the woman said I was too late, I needed to check in 45 minutes before departure. I said it was a bit childish since I was only literally 2 minutes late - she said that it wasn't up to her it was the computer. She managed to say this in a way that was both disinterested and smug at the same time.

"Computer says No"

So I rebook, it doesn't really make a difference and then go to the lounge to do some work. There I am told I have to pay for the wifi - which I am happy to do because I can now sit here and write about what a bunch of utter wankers United Airlines are!

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