07 December 2009

Amanda Knox - view from this side of the pond

Foxy Knoxy was recently convicted for the horrific murder of her flat mate Meredith Kercher in Italy. Its very interesting to see the response in the US. There is almost uniform outrage that an American citizen should be tried and found guilty in Europe. Whether she did it or not seems almost irrelevant to a huge spectrum of people from the Mayor of Seattle to dumb asses who couldn't even find Italy on a map if it was labeled. The talk shows have been inundated with people saying that the Italian justice system sucks, she didn't get a fair trail and best of all "its anti-American". Just because she is American that does not make her innocent! Interesting also that none of them seem to care if the Italian or Ivorian also on trial got a fair hearing.

As I was driving to the airport an American "legal expert" was on the BBC saying how the Italian legal system which involves 2 judges and a small jury was "not fair" and unconstitutional...

Well if she wanted to be tried in America maybe she should have stayed at home and killed someone there instead. Then they could have put her on deathrow because that obviously is fair and constitutional.

And if all these cretins stop eating pizza and boycott Italy for their holidays thats fine by me, its a few less loud, obnoxious people in check trousers* when I go and visit Rome...

(* Note this is not my view of all Americans, just the ones that phone in to right-wing talk shows and mouth off about how they are going to boycott France or Italy or which ever bits of Europe have upset them this week)

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely with everything you said :). I am an American in Rome and I'm watching CNN from here and I can't frickin believe the endless parade of "experts" they are trotting out who KNOW FOR A FACT that the trial was unfair and that the Italian justice system doesn't work and that this poor little cute girl has been wrongly convicted by those horrible anti-american foreigners. The incredible thing is the people who don't even know a damn thing about the case or anything else yet they are taking this up as some sort of crusade. Andersen Cooper on CNN had the headline "Amanda Knox's Fight for Freedom" lol. Anyway, thanks for speaking some sense in you blog!