08 March 2009

Quiet Weekend

This year I have ice climbed or boarded every weekend and a few week days. Chalked up 5 climbing and about 20 board days - my body is buggered. Also have a cold which I am having trouble shifting, so with Katharine away in jockland I opted to have a quiet weekend in the lair. Lola was very happy. So I declined offers of climbing and top touring and just pottered about, checked on the boat, cut wood, fixed the hot tub, did some editing and went for curry and beers with the boys on Saturday night. Sometimes its good to take a breather.

I also played with my camera. I have seen a few High Dynamic Range photos on various website and been fascinated with it. So I set about teaching myself. The basic principal is pretty simple. The dynamic range in a normal photo is limited and some area will be over exposed and blown out while others will be in shadow. So you take a series of shots of the same view at different exposures (bracketing) and then use some software to combine them.
Here are my first attempts. I am rather pleased.

Comparison of HDR and regular photo of same view


Bekka said...

Great photos - love the last one especially


John said...

Hi Bekka,
Glad you like them - if you are very bored there is lots more photos over at flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/32254741@N02/
I hope you are well and got your hoovering done...

Anonymous said...

HDR, splendid!


John said...

Hi Ediz,
Glad you like them and glad you keep coming back. Good to hear from you