27 March 2009

New Car!

When I moved to Norway I came in my offroad landrover. It was the only car that I owned at the time. After the first winter the limitations of an open top vehicle with no heating in wetsern Norway became apparant so I bought a very old Volvo 340 for 5000 nok which I drove about in for a year and then sold to Atle for 5000 nok. Then I bought a 1994 Audi 80 for 90000 nok, which at the time, was by far the most expensive vehicle I had ever owned.

About 3 years ago it developed an engine fault which caused it shuddered quite badly between 2300 and 2800 rpm. Apart from that it ran fine so I kept driving it, occasionally giving another mechanic a chance to try and fix it. They all failed! I decieded it might be time to buy a new one and lusted after an A4 Quattro. After a while people stopped believing I would ever get around to actually doing anything other than talk about it.

Well after 3 years of pontification, I finally got my shit sorted, scraped some cash together, searched the net and found out that there were 4 in the area in my budget. The best was a 2005 S line which we went to look at a week ago. When we arrived at the showroom there was no one around, then Norwegian Swiss Tony turned up in said Audi. I asked him if I could test drive it and he just handed me the key. No ID, no deposits, he didn't even know what car I had turned up in. You have to love Norway! The car looked ok, so we took it out and thrashed it, hard! It was fast and went around bends pretty well. Back at the showroom I made Swiss an offer and he actually looked offended. The price was, he said, the price. Hmm what ever happened to bargaining?

So I left it for a few days and called him back and made another offer. He seemed pretty angry but at least came back with counter offer. He was learning! Next time I spoke to him he tried to say that he had someone who wanted to pay the full price, so I said ok fine sell it to them then. Then he had to back track and admit that he was not exactly telling the truth - I was having fun and he was learning, slowly.

Eventually he came down to pretty much what I offered so I am now the proud owner of a shinny black A4 Quattro. The only challenge now is to try and avoid getting too many speeding tickets.


eMe.Hå. said...

hi! I read your "you know you have been too long in norway when" and I laughed SOOO much! I felt so identified with the text :D

Me and my husband, who is norwegian, were reading it and he said that these things are "normal" in Norway, hehehe...

by the way, I would like to translate them to my spanish blog (I'll add the link to your blog, of course) so spanish speaking people can laugh as much as we did...

in advance, thank you.

I'll be waiting for your positive (or negative) answer before I write anything :D

And now, I am gonna have a look in the rest of your blog!

Have a nice "søndag"

John said...

Glad you enjoyed the blog, being an expat in norway gives lots of funny stuff to write about. I am not sure if you found them all but there are three seperate entries for the 20 things - I have put the links at the bottom.
This wasn't originally my idea, I just borrowed it and added a load more. I am very happy for you to translate it and repost it on your site. Good luck.
Har en fin helg