06 February 2011

Waiting Game

Made it into the second month of the busiest year of my life. Hanging out in Aberdeen waiting for the arrival of our offspring. Katharine is getting bored of waiting and keen for our little girl to make her entrance. I have been working from the flat during the day, running up a large phone bill and wearing out my new lap top. I rather like working from the couch, its comfy and I may have to get one for my office. Also been getting lots of outstanding jobs done including talking to the architect, wedding planning, etc etc.

A friend advised me that we should do lots of things together before the baby arrives, I guess the subtext is that it won't happen after! So we have been to the cinema a couple of times, been eating out and been for long walks. Its been nice.

Saw the Kings Speech which was a great movie, even if it was pretty much devoid of facts. It totally failed to capture the degree of Nazi symphathy amongst the british royal familiy in the lead up to the second world war. But it was well acted fiction and enjoyable.

Also went to see NEDS which was powerful, funny and very sad, all at the same time. It was a bit unpolished and certain bits were unlikly while others were totally unnecassary (the jesus scene) and the ending was downright random. But it was well worth watching, even with the aberdonian NEDs in the audience laughing at all the very sad bits - freaks.

Also watched the first weekend of the rugby. A rather weak Wales lost to a very lucky England by fortune of a forward pass and some crap kicking by James Hook. Despressing to read the UK (English) papers which were utterly biased both before and after the game. Also watched Scotland vs France which as a totally passive outsider was one of the best games I have seen in years.

Tomorrow heading to Cowieswells to cut down some trees and make a final review of the plans before they are submitted for outline planning permission.

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Dan said...

If you are going to live in Aberdeen John you need to know that we don't call them NEDS - they are called Bams.

NED is a Weegie term.