16 February 2011

Sea Shepherd success

I have been following this years Sea Shepherd campaign to stop the Japanese butchers in the Southern Ocean with incredulous delight. Could it really be true that they have found the fleet and prevented them from whaling? That was certainly the impression one got from reading the Sea Shepherd website over the last two months, but was it true? There was always a nagging doubt that something else was afoot. Was it all a smart Japanese scam? You had to wonder that while the Sea Shepherds boats had shut down one factory ship that maybe the vast southern Ocean hid another, even bigger one going about its murderous business.

Then I heard on the BBC this morning that the Japanese fisheries department has pulled their fleet out of the whaling grounds. This is fantastic news, it makes me so happy to know that in March 950 whales that would have been pointless murdered to satisfy some cretinous vision of culture, will be swimming freely.

Once again this proves that direct action works and is often the only solution.

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John said...

Stop Press: Some things are as good as they seem. I heard today that the Japanese whalers have given up for the season and gone home. Massive result :-)))