26 October 2010


It snowed in October and for a few days last week Bergen was white. It was most strange to see snow on the ground while there are still leaves on the trees. The long range forecast suggests another hard winter which would be good.

Had a great weekend with Katharine in Bergen. She arrived Friday night and we spent Saturday getting lots of niggling jobs done. She is looking seriously pregnant and the monster is really starting to kick now. Its all getting more and more real by the day. Still feel pretty relaxed about it all though.

We watched the excellent "Prestige" on saturday night. I was really taken with this film and I thought it was really clever that the set the battle between two magicians against the backdrop of the true life battle between Tesla and Edison. As with that real life tale, the flash, showy one prevailed almost until the end, when quality shown through.

Sunday we went for a longish walk on Fløyen with Arne and Vibeke. We went up Fløyen, then across to Rundamen and back. There was a fair bit on snow and lots of ice up there and I was suprised not to see anyone on skies. Eirik L was out near Gullfjell carving fresh lines in October, which is pretty wild. No skiing for use, we just walked and the pregnant ladies did fine. It was great to get out and get some fresh air and exercise.

Sunday evening we were sitting in the lounge when Lola came in with a live mouse. I grabbed her but the mouse got away. I manged to catch it but just before I got to the door to throw it outside it bit me - hard! I held on for a while but when I couldn't get the door opened I dropped it. Much hilarity ensued as we chased the mouse around the living room. Ended up having to move all the furniture and found another dead mouse under the coffee table. This one was stiff as a board and had obviously been there for a while. Nice.

Eventually caught the lucky bugger and let him go. Still have two vampire like holes in my thumb. I guess one dead and one alive means the score is still level!

Lots going on at work and the moment and still feeling a bit under the weather. Just booked a last minute "cheap" holiday to the Malidives which I am seriously looking forward. Will be our last proper holiday together for a while so it will be good to go somewhere sunny, surf, dive and relax.

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