25 October 2010

A rugby player on a bike

Jim is a big lad, in a rugby front-row forward sort of way. We shared a house in Birmingham for a while back in 1989.

One evening Jim says I am off to the chippee do you want anything? I decline so he hops on his bicycle and heads down the road.

20 minutes later he is back, pushing the bike that has a buckled front wheel, he has a cut on his leg and generally looks a bit disheveled.

On his way down the road somebody has turned right into their driveway straight in front of him. He went over the bonnet and his rather large arse went straight through the windscreen.

The hapless and somewhat surprised owner of the car was very apologetic and took full responsibility. He told Jim to come back the next day and he would reimburse him for the damage to the bike.

When Jim went back, the guy gave him £50 for his wheel and forks and then told him that he was less worried about paying that, than the £1500 worth of damage Jim had done to the car. The wing, bonnet and windscreen where all destroyed. Jim I – Volvo 0

And the moral of the story, beyond look where you are going, must be, don’t mess with a rugby player on a bike!

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