21 April 2010

Volcano Update

As a geologist it's pretty exciting to see Earth sciences topping the news, especially when it rates above a general electon in the UK. To quote Bodie "every now and again mother nature pops up and reminds us just how insignificant we really are", or something like that. Imagine if this was a proper volcano like Krakatoa or Pinatubo or something even bigger like the ones that laid down the thick ashes in the Balder Tuff (try 20 cm rather than 2 mm). I think maybe I will stock up on tins of beans...

I also have to say that I am absolutely amazed by the number of people I have heard saying "I didn't even know there were any volcanos in Iceland?" Holy crap the whole island is a freckin volcano. Didn't you learn ANYTHING at school?

Anyway I exited Holland by train and ferry on Thursday and then got the overnight train to Aberdeen. Spent a very nice few days staying with Katharine in her newly reclaimed flat, we visited the dunes at Ythan and looked at a few house. Very nice. I was able to video con into work from the Buzzlightyear cupboard in Gregors house and it's actually been a reasonably productive time.

Today the announced that they would start flying again so its time for the fun to stop. I am sure that the fat cat will be delighted to see me and there is so much going on in work that its time to get back. I am interested to see what the volcano does over the next few weeks and how the World reacts...

More rants and reflections to follow when I have a few moments spare

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