15 April 2010

A note on men and fashion

Top fashion tips from someone who knows nothing about it...

This week I thought I would take a look at men's fashion and in particular that particular breed that is indigenous to this scandic land "the pretty boy".

Having been raised on a farm in the arse end of nowhere I was very much brought up on the principal that the term "men's fashion" was an oxymoron. In fact I am pretty sure nobody ever said that because it never occurred to anyone I knew to put the two words "men" and "fashion" together in a sentence. Since those early days I have travelled a bit and seen the World and I know that its not actually unhealthy for a guy to want to look good from time to time.

However, I think I still carry the scars of my childhood and when I see guys who spend more time, effort and money on their hair than their girlfriends do, I am still highly sceptical. When a group of blokes spend their Saturday afternoon in clothes boutiques rather than drinking or playing sport, I get worried.

As every women will tell you, looks are less important than a "good sense of humour", so who are these boys dressing up for? Like peacocks who's tale is an evolutionary dead end, the application of too much hair gel is less aimed at impressing the opposite sex as out doing your friends.

So, just as every guy I have ever met who was a "good dancer" was also an utter sleaze ball, then girls I will finish up with two questions: 1) "how can you love a guy who will always adore his own reflection more that he loves you?" And 2) is your bathroom big enough for two people to spend that much time in front of the mirror?

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