01 April 2010

Thursday Fashion - One piece suits

Fashion advice from a middle aged man

I was in the supermarket on Saturday and I saw a teenage girl in an apricot coloured, baggy, one piece, fleece suit. It looked like an an adult in a baby grow and I figured that she was either on her way to a fancy dress party or severally retarded. I tried to sneak a photo for failblog, but she moved away. Ten minutes later I saw another, this time it was a teenage boy in a grey version of the same. A bit later another girl, in a similar orange version and the abject horror dawned on me. Dressing like a baby is an emergent fashion. Nooooo!

This is THE most ridiculous thing I have seen in years. This is worse than deliboppers and leg warmers, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, good to be said about it. This is not a look that will work on a very pretty girl but fail on a fatty, this is bad, in every way. I predict that it will become very popular amongst a certain type of person, the same people who adopted the shell suit as a uniform, because like the shell-suit its effortless. So here is a thought, the reason we put babies in one piece fleece suits is so that when then they piss, shit and vomit all over themselves its easy to clean up. So maybe this will work for the shell suit crew after all...

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