03 July 2009

Lola's adventure

I am sitting in the house and it's hot, too hot especially when you have a thick black fur coat to wear like me.
They have gone away and left me again... they do this quite a bit, normally when there is lots of that weird white stuff on the ground and also when it's hot like this.
Maybe they don't like the sun either. Maybe they get lost, I went up on the road one time and it was all pretty confusing. I think they get lost a lot.
No worries they always find their way home eventually and when they do get lost they always leave lots of food and water and I have my own door.
It gets kinda lonely without them, there is nobody to play with, but they always find their way home eventually.

Bugger this, it's too hot, think I'll go and check next door, see if it's any cooler there.
The house next door is a big green one with a grumpy old man living upstairs.
In the down stairs flat there was a girl.
Havn't seen her for a while, maybe she got lost?

The door to the downstairs is open, maybe that girl found her way back, think I'll go and see. Nope, no sign of her but it's nice a cool in here, it's really dark.
Think I'll hang out here for a bit.

What's that noise?
I must have been asleep, but I am awake now.
Someone is moving about, it sounds like that grumpy old man coming, quick, under the bed!
I hear him enter the room and then leave again. Then I hear a bang and a clicking sound.

Once I am sure he's gone I slowly poke my head out and the door is shut.
I have a quick wander around and all the windows are shut.
Oh well! Guess I'll go and lie down.

It's dark now and there is nobody around.
I check all the doors and they are still shut.
Oh well, I'll have another sleep.

Morning now and I am feeling a bit hungry, think I'll go home and have some breakfast.
Oh the door is still shut!
Hmm, I'll check the windows.
Nope all still shut.
Never mind I'll have another sleep.

Wake up again and eveything is still quiet.
Go for a wander and see what I can find.
Getting pretty hungry now and also pretty thirsty.
Maybe I can drink some water out of that big wet litter try by the raining room.
Hard to get my head in without falling and it tastes a bit stale, but I am so thirsty I don't care.

The water makes me even more hungry, this is getting boring, when are they coming to collect me?
I need a cuddle and I need some food...

...been here for 3 or maybe 4 days now and I have got into a bit of a routine. Sleep, wander around, get a drink, then sleep some more, it's pretty boring but at least I am losing some weight. Must be down at least half a kilo.
Maybe this is not so bad after all, but I am definitly bored and lonely.
And did I mention hungry, I am bloody hungry.
I hope they are ok, I don't like it when they get lost.
I would hate anything to happen to them...

What's that sound?
Somebody outside the window.
Meow Meow!
If I make enough noise maybe they will come a feed me.
Meow Meow!

It's my mum, she is looking in, quick, go and say hello.
I suddenly realise how much I have missed her.
Hello mum, meow meow.

She seems really pleased to see me but she doesn't open the window.
She just stares at me and is talking to that bloke that looks a bit like my dad, but I can't really hear what they are saying.
Then they are gone.
I was hoping she was going to let me out and feed me and give me some love.
Now I am really hungry!
Maybe she didn't recognize me cos I lost half a kilo?

Nope she is back with my Dad and they are staring at me. C
ome-on guys!
This isn't funny, get me out of here.
Then they have gone again.

But no they are back with another guy I don't recognise.
After a while he starts banging at the window.
Now they are doing more of the stupid house fixing.
Don't they even realise it's not their house.
These people are so dumb!
And I thought they were coming to help me, bugger this then I'll go for a lie down again.

I can hear them calling but if they are not going to feed me then sod em!
They are still calling.
Ok ok, I'll go and see what all the fuss is.

Oh that's strange, the window is open and my Dad is leaning in.
He is gesturing me to come towards him.
Maybe he'll stroke me.

Oww! Now he's picking me up by my neck.
I hate that, it's just like my cat-mum used to do when I was young!
I am not a bloody kitten you know!
Put me down!
Thank you!

Ah that's better now everyone is making a fuss of me. Thats nice.
Don't they know I am hungry - food first, fuss second guys!

They carry me home and put me in front of the food.
Its been there for a least 5 days and its pretty stale.
I am hungry but I have limits! A
h, that's better, I am getting some fresh stuff now, and some fresh water.
Bloody hell I am actually really hungry.
Yumm yumm cat food, my favorite!

All that was 3 days ago and I am happy to be home.
I can eat and drink when ever I want and everyone is making lots of fuss of me.
I really missed them when they were lost and I was actually pretty worried about them.
It's great that they found there way back and came to fetch me.
I like it when everyone is home.

It's still really hot though.
Hmm the back of that big metal box on wheels looks nice and cool.
I wander what is in there.
Think I will have a quicky noisey.
Ah its all full of tools and stuff.
That pile of coats looks really comfy, think I'll have a quick sleep.
Oh! It's all gone very dark!
Feels like we are moving...

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