06 July 2009

Life in the Big Brother household...

Had my little brother visiting for the last week – he keeps saying “Day 3 in the big brother house”, in a gordie accent, so it seemed like a fitting title for a post. Apologies to anyone who came here via a search engine whilst looking for info about the mind numbingly dull, reality TV show...

Anyway we’ve had an entertaining and varied week and on the whole the weather has been stunning. Les arrived very late Monday night. Tuesday was my birthday, 42 which is apparently the “meaning of life”, no white mice or vogons but I do know where my towel is. Had a barbq in the evening with a few folk coming over, all very pleasant and civilized. Got lots of nice presi's, so thanks folks.

Wednesday, Les and I tackled the building job that has been taunting me for two years every time I walk up the steps to my car. Not just a question of building a garden wall but also lots of drainage to be put in place. Apparently it rains a lot here! Got a fair bit of it done, including the tricky bits, now I need to wait another two years and then finish the job.

Thursday we took the boat out. All was going well as we skimmed over the mirror like waters, around the back of Lille Sotra. Then I let Les drive and he was having fun, making appreciative noises, just about the time smoke started coming out the engine. Bugger! We let it cool down but it was not looking good, so we bobbed about for a bit and then waved down a passing boat to get towed to the nearest marina. Then called Rolf and he came and towed us home that evening. Not sure what is wrong yet, best guess is a stuck impellor which has buggered the cooling system. Hmm probably going to be expensive.

Friday we pottered about, enjoyed the sunshine and got ready for the weekend. Saturday morning we headed up to Gudvangen with Katharine, Emma and four kayaks to meet Sandy and Helen. After some car shuffling we put the boats in the water at Flåm and started paddling. Now since Emma and Helen and never been in kayaks before and Les, not for a few years there was potential for another epic like the last time so I checked the weather repeatedly and made them practice getting out the boats etc. Fortunatly the water was warm and the tourists were entertained. We then headed off for two days on one of the World’s most outstanding fjord trips.

Saturday afternoon we paddled to the top of Nærøyfjorden and camped on a small headland. Not too many flat spots for the tents but we managed to squeeze on, got a fire going, popped some champagne for Helen’s birthday and cooked food, drank some beer and had a very pleasant evening, retiring to bed at a still very light, midnight.

Next day the weather was a bit more cloudy but still great. Paddled along the amazing Nærøyfjord back to Gudvangen. Finished up at about 3pm, with some tired and sunburnt people but no major incidents. I have done the trip before but never in that direction. The situation is just amazing and it’s definitely worth doing again and again.

Sunday night we returned to Bergen, sorted out the gear and watched some DVDs. All in all a fine week at the Big Brother household.

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