20 July 2009

Another great day with KLM

Sunday was heading to the land of the large with my favorite airline. Left Bergen fine and met Aris in Skipole. Then things started to go downhill.

The Houston flight was cancelled, no explanation just a 737 full of angry business class people all waving gold and platinium cards talking loadly at their travel agents down the phone will arguing with the people at the check in desk.

We managed to get booked on to a flight for Monday but it was very interesting to watch the fairly blatant way that the airline lie. They are pathalogical liers. We are sat there talking to a nice smiling lady who tells us that there is no way we can travel today and no direct flights tomorrow. She says all this whilst pointing at the computer and looking apologetic. Later we talk to people behind us in the queue who got put directly on early morning direct flights. I understand that they had more expensive tickets than us, I just wish the airline would be open and honest. Why can't they just say"you have a cheap ticket and your at the bottom of the shit heap, loser!"

But the exercise is not without some entertainment as the large, heavily tattoed Brit replies to request of "is there anywhere else you would like to go near Houston?" With "yes the Bahahmas would be nice!" To which the KLM woman loses the plot totally!

So then they send us to a hotel and we have to wait over an hour for a shuttle bus. We keep calling the bus and the hotel keeps saying "10 minutes!". When they eventually arrive and take us to the hotel we are told to stay outside for "10 minutes" because there is a fire alarm.

One hour later we are still outside and the alarm turns into a real fire, so they open the bar and start dishing out free beer.

Start chatting to a few folks, everyone on the way to Houston is in the oil field. Large tatooed guy turns out to be a "security expert" who clears land mines. He keeps us going with a plethora of funny stories and amusing observations, such as asking for a smoking room and being told they were all non-smoking. Apart from the ones that are on fire, he quips!

Another hour later and we eventually get to check in.

I head up to Den Hag to meet up with Pete and Caroline who I havn't seen in years. We go for a curry and a few beers and catch up.

Another great KLM cock-up but at least it had its funny moments.

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