07 April 2009

Cars and Bikes - things to do in 15 minutes when its raining out

Following on from the previous post I put the data on the cost of my cars and bikes through the ages into excel and made some interesting discoveries.

First of all you can see the cummulative spend on cars, bikes and both through time.
Then I plotted the spend per year on all three. Note that to be able to see anything in the early days on the money axis (y) it was necassary to use a logrithmic scale.
Finally I plotted the spend through time on both bikes and cars and added an exponential trend line.
Note that the money scale is again logrithmic so the exponential is straight.
Both cases (bikes and cars) conform very well with an exponential curve (R2 = 0.93 and 0.83) implying that my spending on vehicles increases expotentially through time and that by 2020 I will probably be blowing a million quid on cars!
I think this tells me two things:
1. I need to start saving and...
2. I probably need to get out more!
Off to Sunmøre for easter. Have a good one!


eMe.Hå. said...

heisann! har oversatt den om "du vet at du har bodd alt for lenge i Norge når..." greie. Du kan "lese" (kan du spansk?) den her: http://macarenahenriksdatter.blogspot.com/2009/04/te-das-cuenta-de-que-has-vivido.html

hehehe, det var kjempemorsomt! jeg har bare en ekstra:

- når du ser biathlon i helgene på NRK

Håper at du har det fint i påsken =)


Ps! beklager at jeg ikke kommenterer om bilen din og hvor mye har du bruk. Alt økonomi grei er "gresk" for meg =)

eMe.Hå. said...