03 April 2009

Breaking News! A nation worse at queuing than Norwegians…

Just travelled with norwegian airlines from Gatwick back to Bergen. The check-in was an utter zoo. Ten check in desk but at any one you could check in for anyone of 7 different flights. Each desk had a huge queue trailing back from it, almost all the people were Danes crowding together, because that will obviously make the check-in faster! Shouting*, barging into each other and tripping over the bags that they had left on the floor. Then when the staff opened on another desk all the people at the back surged forward to try and jump the queue. It was the closets thing I have seen to a cattle pen since I left the farm 24 years ago.

Norwegians are fairly bad at queuing but this took things to a whole new level. In Norway a queue is generally 20 people wide and 2 people long, but at least people aren’t physically barging into one another, repeatedly. At one point a member of airport staff actually came out gave instructions on how to queue – for real!

At the check in desk I commented to the guy that it was a zoo and he just looked at me with a dazed and slightly scared look and said the Copenhagen flight is always like this.

Makes me glad to be going back to Norway!

(*Danes shout a lot. They speak in a variation of the Nordic language that I have heard described as a drunk German trying to speak Norwgian)

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