26 February 2009

Fred Goodwin is an Utter Scumbag

Wouldn't normally comment on this sort of thing but I have to say the man is beyond morals.

He was largely responsible for the demise of the Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK. While he was at the helm, he oversaw the gross inflation, followed by the subsequent burst and total collapse of the bank. This was the biggest ever corporate loss in UK history, 24 billion UKP. He was sacked at he end of last year, but here is the good bit... he will continue to get 695 thousand pounds a year (that's 7 million nok) pension. That's comparable to the full time salary of 20 bank clerks, who having lost their jobs because of him are now probably getting 60 quid a week dole.

The guy has shown no remorse and now the wanker is upset when the government suggest that he might forgo his huge payout. His refusal and arrogance proves he has no sense of consequence and cares about nothing but satisfying his own greed. Utter scumbag.

I have no problem with rewarding success, if you create wealth and jobs you should share the benefit but, at the same time when you fuck up you should pay the price.

If you drove a bus and crashed through gross negligence you would go to jail. I see no difference, this smug cunt caused an even worse crash that has affected thousands of people directly and millions indirectly and he has shown no remorse. He deserves to be behind bars.


hypocentre said...

Hey John,

Why don't you come down off that fence and speak your mind?


John said...

Ha ha - probably a fair point and not the sort of thing I normally write about, but why have a blog if you can't shout your mouth?My Friday joke will be more light hearted - pretty good one this week

Sean said...

What is worse is that us tax payers are now funding that greedy useless fuckers pension. What a CUNT!

Anonymous said...

Having suffered 2 redundancy's, I just want to add (hopefully that scumbag will hear or read of this)when (which I will) I bump into Fred, I'm gonna kick that scumbag good looking. I'm an Edinburgh boy and I'm looking for you Fred. You will not be forgotten my son!

Anonymous said...

just to prove Fred Scumbag NOT forgotton, Im an Edinburgh girl and Im still looking out for U!!

Anonymous said...

It surprises me that he hasn't been taken out yet. I assume his pension will stop on death ? That'll save the taxpayer a few quid if nothing else.