26 February 2009

Another great weekend of winter action

Last weekend we had a visit from Katharine's brother Rik and friend Adam. We headed up to Hemsedal and our favorite cabins, right on the edge of the ski slopes at Vestestølen. We were accompanied by Cecelie and a possi from Bergen.

Drive up on Friday was fine, got there pretty quick. A quick discussion about whether we needed snow chains to get up the final hill which of course we didn't, just a bit of sliding around - snow chains are for the weak!

Saturday we boarded and skied. the place was pretty busy but we headed over the back and found a few quiet spots. Not a huge amount of fresh snow but still a fun day which finished with with afterski at the bottom of the slopes and then a trip to the ever mad Cafe Hemsedal.

Cafe Hemsedal on a saturday night is an absolute nut house. Tonnes of very drunk people all having an extremly good time. Great atmosphere, great music, mad dancing, lots of drinking... You look around and it feels like 1.30 in the morning in some crazy club and then you look at your watch and realise its 7pm! I love it there. We even run into some of the guys who were in Utah with us last year.

After that we had a pizza and headed back for an earlish night since it was snowing and we anticpated a full powder day on Sunday. Sunday had a bit of fresh stuff but not as much as anticpated, but at least the crowds had gone (not sure where). Another good, blue sky, off piste day before we headed back to drink the rest of the duty free wine that the guys had brought across. Some swift mobile phone action on the way back saved us from the tedious norwegian police and their ever, busy revenue generating speed traps. If it wasn't so expensive you could just right them off as childish tossers they are. Anyway once more we evaded them.

The gusy had to leave at 5am (groan) the next morning and we had a moment of excitment when Adam got to the airport and realised his passport was back at the lair, fortunatly there was just enough time to get it to him. You have to love the relaxed attitude at Bergen airport, so much more civilised than Heathrow etc.

Another awesome weekend, this winter has been a belter and its Åre next weekend!

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