09 August 2012

LML - Love My Life

No really, this is not a joke.

The Olympics is a rip roaring success. The opening ceremony was fantastic, everything you would expect from Danny Boyle. The sport has also been good,  I have never watched track and field before, I always thought it was terminally dull, but I am have been totally captivated by it this year. Its nice to see people becoming famous for doing a lot of hard work rather than for being shallow, brainless BB or TOWIE z-listers.

And then NASA land a rover (fortunately not built by Rover) on Mars using a sky crane. This thing has a laser that shots rocks - how friggen cool is that. This is not science fiction, its fact and just looking at the pictures it sends back is utterly incredible. It sends a shiver down my spine to see those expansive images of that desolate waste.

In politics the lib-con coalition is falling apart, bankers are being arrested and Rebekah Brookes et al are all being charged - it could only be better if Tony Blair and George Bush were tried for war crimes.

And on a personal note, the house is getting built, Sophie is growing up very quickly and more and more fun every day. I am getting more field work done than I have in years, Spain, Utah, Greenland and off to Ireland in a couple of weeks. Projects are going well and their is lots of new stuff on the horizon.

So forget FML, I "LML" at least at the moment. Just watch some bugger mess it all up ;-)

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