08 March 2012

Speed Camera Locations on the E16 (Lærdal, Flåm and Gudvangen tunnels)

Speed limits in Norway are very low and they are enforced brutally. That is part of life and reflects the Nordic nanny state philosophy.

Speed cameras are common and in most cases there are signs just before them to let you know that they are coming up. In my opinion this is a fair system if the aim of the camera is to reduce accidents rather generating revenue. For example, if there is a dangerous junction, a signposted camera before it will calm the traffic and reduce the chance of accidents - success. A speed camera without a sign will not slow the traffic and will not reduce accidents, but is more likely to make money for the government. This is the case in the UK. Since most of the cameras in Norway are signposted, I have no beef with them, and while I believe the actual speed limits are too low, that's a seperate issue.

The exception to the sign posted cameras is within the tunnels where the sign only occurs at the entrance. This is fine for some of the short tunnels but when these tunnels are 10, 12 or even 25 km long it's a ball ache. Especially since in winter the tunnels provide the best driving conditions and the best chance to overtake all those trucks and losers who want to spend 6 hours going from Bergen to Hemsedal.

So as a public service, I have recorded all the speed camera locations in the tunnels on the E16, this is useful when going from Bergen to Hemsedal, or Oslo. This guide does not covere the cameras on the open roads that are sign posted, including a new one by the Shell station in Dale, these are just the ones in the big tunnels.

East bound (from Bergen)
Gudvangen tunnel - just before 8km
Flåm tunnel - one camera just at the start and one at the end
Lærdal Tunnel - at 2km, just before 15km and just before 22km

West bound (toward Bergen)
Lærdal Tunnel - just before 10km and just before 23km
Gudvangen Tunnel - just before 10km


Please note Karmasotra does not promote dangerous or reckless driving. This info is to help you avoid tickets, not to encourage you to endanger yourself or anyone else. Good driving is not just about going slow, it's about being on the ball, knowing your limits and being sensible. Stay Safe :-)

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