02 March 2012

Dinosaur jokes

Real story... still funny
Talking to a group of primary school teachers about geology, and how to
introduce it to the young.  The inevitable discussion on dinosaurs...all
kids are fascinated about dinosaurs.
So I asked the teachers, if so many kids were interested in dinosaurs, why
weren't there more geologists...
The answer...most kids grow up !
Q:  What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up?
A:  Try and try and try and try-sarratops
Q:  What made the dinosaur stop his car and get out ? 
A:  A flat Tire-an-a-saurus !
Q:  What do you get when dinosaurs crash their cars ? 
A:  Tyrannosaurus wrecks !
Q:  What do you call a dinosaur at the rodeo? 
A:  Bronco-saurus or a Tyrannasourus Tex
Q:  Why did the dinosaur cross the road? 
A:  Because the it hadn't get evolved into a bird
Q:  What did the female dinosaur call her blouse making business? 
A:  Try Sara's Tops
Q:  What is the head of an Italian dinosaur family called? 
A:  Ptera Don
Q:  What should you do if you find a dinosaur in your bed ? 
A:  Find somewhere else to sleep!
Q:  What do you call a Blind Dinosaur? 
A:  Do-ya-think-he-saurus.
Q:  What do you call a Blind Dinosaur's Dog? 
A:  Do-ya-think-he-saurus-rex.
Q:  Why are dinosaurs die out? 
A:  Because their eggs stink.
Q:  Why did the Apatosaurus devour the factory? 
A:  Because she was a plant eater!
Julie:  Why are you crying? 
Sammy:  Because I wanted to get a dinosaur for my baby brother. 
Julie:  That's no reason to cry. 
Sammy:  Yes it is! No one would trade me!

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Liam Herringshaw said...

Q. How do you slice up a fossil?
A. With a dino-saw.