08 February 2012

Happy Birthday Sophie

Our little girl is one years old today! It seems amazing that she is already one, it only seems like last week that we were hanging out in the hospital waiting for her to make an appearance.
She has had an eventful year, she has visited 4 countries (6 if you count Scotland, England and Wales as separates), she has gone from being totally helpless to tearing around the place creating chaos. Now she crawls and almost walks, she can point at what she wants, she laughs and claps and waves and she loves the swings.  Her first word was Lola and she is learning to pet her without pulling all Lola's fur out. She growing up to be a very determined little madam who definitely knows her own mind. Most importantly she's has a very happy disposition and she laughs a lot.



M said...

A year already! wow, time goes REALLY fast! Happy birthday to the beautiful Sophie and the two of you, happy first year as proud parents :)

John said...

Hi Macarena,
Yep time flys indeed. Thanks for your good wishes, hope it is all going well with the twins.