10 February 2012

Friday Joke - Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia provided a fantatstic metaphor for the Italian Economy so here are a few cheap jokes in that vain. Also worth checking of the Daily Mash's coverage 

What's the fastest way to get off an Italian cruise ship?
Follow the Captain.

Italian divers searching the stricken cruise ship have found two Glaswegians at the bar.
They've told the divers to fuck off, their holiday was all inclusive and they had a week to go

The Italian army has been called in to help with the people from the grounded cruise ship. But they have now swapped sides and have declared war on the survivors.

Italian Police are still interviewing the Korean Honeymoon couple found on the Costa Concordia as to the whereabouts of the rescue dog that first found them.

If Man City fail to win the league this year, what are the chances of Mancini leaving?
I mean it's not like an Italian to abandon a sinking ship is it?

Just bought a raffle ticket to win a cruise in the Mediterranean, last weeks was a rollover...

After recent disasters such as the recent Costa Concordia crash, we often turn to history for comfort.
In lieu of the actions of the actions of Captain Schettino, I direct you to the words of Winston Churchill. Late in his life, Sir Winston Churchill took a cruise on an Italian ship. A journalist from a New York newspaper approached the former prime minister to ask him why he chose to travel on an Italian line when the Queen Elizabeth under the British flag was available. Churchill gave the question his consideration and then gravely replied: "There are three things I like about Italian ships. First, their cuisine, which is unsurpassed. Second, their service, which is quite superb. And then in time of emergency there is none of this nonsense about women and children first."

I'd hate to be the captain of the Costa Concordia. Boy! Oh! Boy! is he going to be in deep water ... which paradoxically, where he should have fucking been in the first place.

Italian Cruising - It's the new rock and roll.

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