17 May 2011

Utah 2011

Just back from a flying visit to Utah - busy times!
Three days on the student field course, followed by two days with Christian and Oliver in the Wastach and Beckwith Plateaus. We were also joined by Ivar and Anja from Oslo for a day. This was followed by a day around Moab with students and then down to Cainville, which is possibly the most remote place (habitated) that I have visited in Utah. Great geology but a very odd feel to the place. Rather enjoyed it.
After two days laser scanning there it was back up to the Book Cliffs for a final field day before driving back to Salt Lake City.

In Salt Lake I caught up with Lance, an old river running buddy who I havn't seen for 15 years - time flys. Then did some obligatory shopping before flying back to Norway in time for May 17th.

Was good to back back in Utah, even if it was rushed and busy.

Also confirmed my previous suspicions that Delta Airlines is truly awful! Note to self "just because they are in an alliance with KLM doesn't mean that the staff are not exteremely rude, the planes are not crappy and falling apart and that you will have a pleasant trip". 

Will post more about trip and upload some picks some time soon.

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M said...

delta is HORRIBLE! and I had to travel with them from Houston to Chile, never again.