31 May 2011

Not a stag do

So there is lots going on and not much time for updating the blog. The wedding is in three days and work is horribly busy but I still found some time to head down to Rosendal and be absued but a bunch of lads in the pre-marriage ritual that is the stag-do.

The original plan had been to go to Uskedalen, which is a huge granite climbing mecca. Four to 16 pitch routes up massive walls that make the Etive Slabs look like bouldering. Had scopped out a couple of possible routes and even a camping spot. Had also rounded up some likley lads and had carefully billed it as "not a stag-do" on the grounds that the I am too old for the whole strippers and gaffer tape thing.

But this is western Norway and the one thing you can rely on here is that the weather will be unpredictable. So when a series of north Altantic lows were queing up to dump record rainfall on us, it was time to re-think the plan.

So we still headed to Rosendal but instead of camping we stayed in a friends barn. He was a bit reluctant at first, and who can blame him, but he took pity and let us stay. This was good because it meant we had somewhere dry to sleep and somewhere dry to hang out, drink beer and do what ever.

Friday we drove down and what was supposed to be a quiet night ended at 3am when I put myself to bed having set myself on fire doing something with Sambuca. Next day we walked up a hill with a hangover in atrocious weather - it at least washed away the hangover.

That evening I thought I was getting off scott free but they forced me to dress as superman, stop traffic and try and crawl through a culvet. I managed the first but superman was too fat to fit in the drain and was let off the hook. There was then some odd drinking games and that was it really. So I did get off pretty lightly and I am glad for that.

Sunday we visited the stonepark then failed to find an open cafe before heading home. Thanks very much to 15 good friends who travelled from all over to not abuse me too badly, to sleep in a barn, to walk up a hill in shitty weather and to drink a lot and laugh a lot. I appreciate it chaps.

The following photos were taken by Ian, John and Keith, I didn't have a camera with me

Outside at Eirik's

Nice day for a stroll

 Superman at the barbi
Stopping traffic
The drain challenge

 Unfortuantly Superman is just too fat
 In the barn
Never good to mix alcohol, fire and a polyester suit

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