25 March 2010

Thursday Fashion

This is the first of a new, weekly post on Fashion, including tips, advice and comments from yours truly. There is of course a mild degree of irony assocaited with a geologist providing fashion tips.

This week - "Head bands"

What would possibly possess an adult woman to wear a thin plaited strip of leather around her head. A latent desire to play and being a Squaw? A vague attempt to recycle the 70s and get in touch with your inner hippy? Well it looks ridiculous, especially when you wear it to work. In fact the only thing that looks more ridiculous than a grown woman playing at cowboys and indians is the bloke I saw wearing one in a restaurant last week. Utter Wanker

1 comment:

Les Howell said...

The irony of this particular subject is fantastic I look forward to more insights :-)