17 June 2009

Statoilhydro official song!

This is the Statoilhydro official song , it should be the Friday Joke but I just can't wait...

Its so bad it's fantastic. It's like watching a train crash, weirdly compelling but at the same time you know it's a tragedy for all those involved.

But to be fair to the Cornershop, they are not alone.
This is JT's list of Oil Company promotional songs - it just gets better.

Starting with ExxonMobil which is utterly and unbelivably awful the "totally shitte bar is further raised by Shell to the extent that it can't be serious.

And just to prove that the former iron curtian is longer a boundary for taste or talant here is Gazprom's offering.

After those three the Statoilhydro video seems great, think I'll watch it again...
"we are always on top when we go down,
get it up,
drilling is not boring
la la la "

Post Script
Just found the big red - Haliburton
and Aker


Christian said...

Thank god I'm working at the university this summer:)

Dig the exxon song tough. Folksy, but with some hints of 70's educational tv-synths

Anonymous said...

I need to find the Conoco one.....but most admit, I thought I was driving through Kansas listening to the christian channel for a while

Ed. said...

Shell one plied from "we are the world we are the children". the famous benefaction track from 80's.

disgusting, yes.